Slide Our origins CHAPTER I An understanding of the excellence that characterises Aguas de Mondariz requires an insight into a history and trajectory stretching back more than 145 years. From the discovery of the natural springs by the Peinador brothers, to the evolution and creation of its bottles, advertising campaigns and its numerous accolades, the brand has reinvented itself, moving with the times yet remaining true to its origins. Since 1873

Slide 1872 The Peinador brothers discover the Gándara natural spring.


Declaration of Public Utility


The history of the brand starts with the Declaration of Public Utility of the spring waters. The bottling of the waters that flow from the Gándara and Troncoso natural springs, together with the transformation of the setting in which the spa is located, transformed the town into a place of pilgrimage for the spa-goers of the day.


Slide 1905

After more than thirty years being sold as mineral-medicinal waters in pharmacies, the waters began to be sold commercially under the Aguas de Mondariz trademark.


Spa town


During the previous year, Enrique Peinador Lines took over the company from his father Enrique Peinador Vela. Following the consolidation of the spa and the construction of the Gran Hotel, the Peinador family embarked on more ambitious projects aimed at converting Mondariz into a model centre for health and leisure. The building of the tramline between Mondariz and Vigo, or the work of architect Antonio Palacios on the hotel-sanatorium, ‘La Baranda’ building and our iconic Gándara pavilion, created an idyllic setting and a new space for the spa and town.


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