Mondariz Verde

A company at the forefront of sustainability

2007 saw the launch of the company’s ‘Mondariz Verde’ project, aimed at introducing improvements that would benefit the environment. This project has been consolidated in recent years, and Aguas de Mondariz has become the first Spanish company in the sector to obtain certification for various international standards. 
The use of the latest technology in recyclable PET containers allow to reduce plastic consumption by more than 3,500 tons per year. (which would be equivalent to making 17.4 million XL T-shirts).
Thanks to the introduction of improvements to the packaging, recirculating and cleaning systems, almost 230 million litres of water have been saved over the last 10 years, the equivalent of the water consumption of 92 million people, or the consumption of all the inhabitants of Galicia for 33 days.

Furthermore, the grammage reduction of cardboard boxes has cut cardboard consumption by more than 100,000 kg, the equivalent of saving 549 trees from being cut down. The reuse of preform cases has also reduced annual cardboard consumption by 128 years (preventing the felling of 5,109 trees and the emission of 919 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere).

In 2011, the replacement of several low turnover formats for a number of innovative alternatives saved more than 121 tons of materials, the weight of an adult blue whale.

The reduction in the use of label dyes on PET packaging cut the amount of solvent used by 7,050 kg per year (an amount that would be the equivalent of the emissions of a commercial airliner flying 3,100 km; or a lorry driving 33,400 km; or the absorption potential of this CO2 of 83 trees).

Thanks to the use of large capacity packaging as a means of reducing the amount of packaging present on the market, consumption has been reduced by 1,710 tons, the equivalent of the waste generated over a year by 1,543 homes in any countryside area of Galicia.

The introduction of a new glass bottle and an 18 bottle box has enabled this new 750 cl format to increase box capacity by 12.5% (an 50% rise in bottles per box), considerably boosting efficiency throughout the chain (warehouse, transport and distribution), whilst also allowing catering businesses to save on storage space. Also worthy of mention is the considerable reduction in CO2 emissions per litre during transport and distribution of this new format.