Social Corporativa

Since its early days, more than 145 years ago, Aguas de Mondariz has been characterised by a series of defining attributes and values.

In addition to the benefits for health, and its contribution to history and culture, the quality and purity of its products and respect for its environment are the hallmarks of a company that works each day to meet its commitments and responsibilities.

Aguas de Mondariz is a staunch defender of a sustainable business model for the bottling of its mineral water. In this sense, the management processes are based on a road map built on four key undertakings: the optimisation of its production processes, seeking the correct use of the raw materials and efficient logistics; the inclusion of quality and environmental care criteria when adopting business decisions; the involvement of society in its commitments, taking into account the various stakeholder profiles (employees, customers, distributors, consumers, public organisations, the media, public administrations, etc.); and responding to customers and consumers’ values and priorities.

Mondariz is a company characterised by its firm commitment to protecting its social and natural environment, employing technologies that guarantee that the end consumer is the first human contact with the product.

Mondariz is a product of outstanding quality, certified by numerous Spanish and international accolades. The quality of its management system has been certified by international standards including ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000, and it also holds the ‘Galicia Calidade’ quality seal. Furthermore, Mondariz is the first company in its sector to obtain the EMAS III (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) European certification.