The end of an era and a new start


After the death of the two Peinador brothers (Enrique in 1917 and Ramón in 1928), the company passed into the hands of the next generation, who reorganised the business and invited new partners to join them. It was the end of one era, characterised by a personal project, and the start of another.




A change of model

“Aguas de Mondariz Establecimiento minero-medicinal de los Señores Hijos de Peinador”, became “Aguas de Mondariz S.A.”, although it continued to be led by the son of one of the founders, Enrique Peinador Lines. Banco Pastor was one of the company’s new partners.


Slide Difficult times A NEW SOCIETY The turning point

The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 further hastened the company’s change of era. The bourgeoisie lifestyle entered into steep decline and the spa fell into disuse. Some of the construction work was permanently halted, and buildings such as the Gran Hotel were turned into military hospitals.
Algunas de las obras que se habían iniciado se paralizan por completo y edificios como el Gran Hotel se convierte en hospital militar.

Slide 1940 - 1950

After the war, activity gradually returned to Mondariz. New formats were created, designed to meet growing consumer demand.

1940 - 1950


Mondariz continued to move ahead and recover its projects. During the second half of the 20th century, Fuente del Val began to make a name for itself as a leading mineral water. Indeed, during this time, delivery trucks distributing this bottled water district by district were a common sight in towns and cities throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Fuente del Val

Fuente del Val


1940 - 1950