At the end of the 20th century, Aguas de Mondariz enjoyed renewed success thanks to its efforts in research and development. A state-of-the-art bottling plant was built, although care was taken to conserve the essence of the brand. It wasn’t long before once again it was a major name on the Spanish and international markets, and activity would also gradually return to the spa.


Slide 1980 - 1990

Differentiation and innovation: strategies for the recovery of Aguas de Mondariz

Slide In the late 1980s, Aguas de Mondariz moved to its current, modernised bottling plant, bringing bottling operations for Fuente del Val and Mondariz onto the same site. Major investments were made in research and technologies in order to recover its former markets and reputation. The company was soon reinstated as a leader on the Spanish market, and was awarded numerous accolades: in 1998 it was granted the Galicia Calidade quality seal.
Pronto vuelve a colocarse como referente el estado y recibir numerosos reconocimientos, en 1998 se le otorga el sello de Galicia Calidade.
its reputation



In 1992, the Tea Valley, site of the Gándara Natural Spring, was included in the Natura 2000 Network. Since then, major efforts have been channelled into securing the sustainability of this area, based on maximum respect for the environment. In 1997 the company replaced all its PVC bottles for the current PET alternatives, which are far lighter and 100% recyclable.
Desde entonces ha caminado firme hacia la sostenibilidad y el respeto al Medio Ambiente. En 1997 la compañía sustituye todos sus envases de PVC por los actuales envases PET, mucho más ligeros y totalmente reciclables.


Mondariz Verde

Slide 21st century

In 2005, Aguas de Mondariz was Spain’s largest exporter of mineral water. Since then, it has continued to expand its presence throughout the world.

2000 - 2010



At the turn of millennium, the brand renewed its image and logo, whilst taking care to retain its essence and its classic illustration of the man and bottle. Further innovations came in 2013, with the launch of its range of soft drinks made with Mondariz natural mineral water.

New experiences


Slide THE WORLD’S BEST MINERAL WATER The world’s most prestigious taste certification

In 2016, Aguas de Mondariz received its second Diamond Taste Award, making it the world’s first mineral water to obtain this International Taste Institute (iTQi) accolade on two occasions.

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Since it was founded almost 150 years ago, Aguas de Mondariz has been renowned for its determined mission to deliver first class products and services. Today, countless awards have consolidated the company as producers of the World’s Best Mineral Water.

A history dating back almost 150 years