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Agua mineral
natural sin gas

OUR AWARDS It’s not colourless, odourless or tasteless. Mineral water has body, colour, flavour and a lingering taste. It complements other beverages and never overwhelms them. It helps us to understand and distinguish between flavours. It resets our palate and allows us to start over. Aguas de Mondariz mineral water is rich in bicarbonate and helps good digestion. It is versatile and adds a sparkle to any meal, as well as providing the necessary balance for pairing with any dish. SHOP

A balanced mineral-medicinal water of pure origin that springs from ancient granite rocks that confer gleaming golden hues and enhance its crystalline transparency. The delightful fine texture makes for a refreshing sensation with a silky attack on the palate that evolves into an elegant taste.



Agua de Mondariz is a water with a low mineral content and an excellent source of iron for the body. A daily intake of two litres of Agua de Mondariz provides 20% of the recommended daily amount of this mineral. It has an approximate total hardness of 4.2 ºF and an approximate pH value of 6.5.

MINERAL COMPOSITION (approximate mg / l)
Mineral-medicinal. Low mineral content.
Dry residue at 180 ºC 177
Bicarbonates (CO3H) 156
Chlorides (Cl) 15,2
Sulphates (SO4) 1,7
Fluorides (F) 0,5
Calcium (Ca) 7,7
Magnesium (Mg) 5,5
Sodium (Na) 49
Potassium (K) 5,1

The most convenient
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Agua de Mondariz still mineral water comes in 0.33 l and 0.75 l glass bottles. The PET bottles are available in six formats, ranging from 0.33 l to 5 l.

Slide Glass Reminiscent of the Modernist style of the 19th century, Mondariz’s golden age, the glass bottles offer numerous differential benefits in terms of logistics and distribution.
Pet Aguas de Mondariz was the first company in Spain to use PET bottles instead of PVC, guaranteeing 100% recyclability and further proof of our commitment to the environment.