A gift of nature

THE NATURAL SPRINGS We are determined to channel all our efforts in an environment plan that not only guarantees the survival of the source of our principal ingredient, but also cares for our surroundings, declared a zone of special interest due to their outstanding biodiversity and habitat. One of a kind The natural springs nestle in the basin of the River Tea, a tributary of the Miño, in the boroughs of Mondariz and Mondariz Balneario, two small towns in the south of Galicia (Spain). Due to the wealth of natural beauty, the area is included in the Natura 2000 network for the protection and conservation of biodiversity. Aguas de Mondariz boasts a prime location and takes all possible measures to care for its flora and fauna.


More than a Grand Reserve


One of a kind
150 years

The granite substratum the water flows through confers a series of intrinsic health benefits. These are old waters that spend between 60 and 150 years in the aquifer and flow to the surface at a constant temperature of 16.5 ºC throughout the year.


Deep natural springs contain very old waters and are characterised by a greater degree of natural filtration, further enhancing the transparency of the water.


The composition of the water has remained constant over time, and therefore the flavour does not vary. Any unpleasant flavours from the surface layers are eliminated.


The catchment characteristics and conditions impact directly on the water quality, producing waters with a higher mineral content.

Slide Maximum respect EXTRACTION SHOP The water extraction process is subject to strict controls in order to prevent any deterioration of its superb quality and flow. It involves a prior assessment, automatic extraction and controls that guarantee sustainable operations. Indeed, the catchment characteristics and conditions impact directly on the flavour, transparency and high mineral content.