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You can already buy in our online shop a demijohn of 5 litres and the 1.5 litre bottle. The Mondariz family formats now arrive at your home in the most comfortable way.

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Aguas de Mondariz continues its international expansion and just participate through our importer “José Santiago”, in one of the most important events in the food and drinks industry in the Caribbean. Food Show 2014 celebrated in San Juan, Puerto...
Since we signed in this popular social network we don´t stop growing and today, thanks to you, we have more than 5000 friends. For us, this is a big step in our communication strategy, through social networks, to approach to all consumers and to...


Water from Mondariz is beneficial for the skin


Water from Mondariz is beneficial for the skin

The water from Mondariz is not only source of life and health, but also beauty. Moisturizing is essential for skin health and beauty, as the skin is one of the parts of the body in which the benefits of the water are better shown. A moisturized skin [...]

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