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Aguas de Mondariz is synonymous with quality, health and purity. Its 139 years of history underline this. It’s a water of weak mineralization that is characterized by its beneficial qualities to health, by its balanced composition and its unique, refined and different taste that is recognized internationally as a result of various certificates and prizes.

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It is the only brand in the world to achieve 2 Diamonds from Brussels' iTQi. The sparkling mineral water and the still mineral water received 3 stars, which is the highest rating, during a blind tasting performed by over two hundred experts from...
Aguas de Mondariz continues to strengthen its connection with Galician grass root sports. The company is again collaborating with the Vigo basketball club, Seis do Nadal-Coia, one of the most powerful and prolific pool of young Galician basketball...


Water from Mondariz is beneficial for the skin


Water from Mondariz is beneficial for the skin

The water from Mondariz is not only source of life and health, but also beauty. Moisturizing is essential for skin health and beauty, as the skin is one of the parts of the body in which the benefits of the water are better shown. A moisturized skin [...]

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