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Sustainability report

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Sustainability report

In 2007, the company launched the project "Mondariz Verde", a comprehensive survey of products and processes incorporating improvements aimed at involving an environmental benefit. Efficiencies in its "usability" or through weight reduction and/or volume of packaging waste placed on the market, are examples of lines of action developed.

This project has been consolidating in recent years, and the conclusions or results have been reflected in the publication of the first Sustainability Report of Aguas de Mondariz.

Thus, Aguas de Mondariz open this channel of communication to the whole society in order to generate and stimulate synergies to help achieve the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol.

Its not only a publication that includes the main lines of action developed by the company in sustainability, i.e. those activities that go beyond environmental aspects of nature (such as caring for the environment, internal publications, community support...), but a working philosophy that pervades all processes of the company.

Aguas de Mondariz was the first spanish company in the sector in achieving some international quality certificates. But, apart from examinations and certificates, are to the pioneering history of the brand particularly striking and have led to:

  • The evolution of the plastic packaging has meant that PET consumption has been reduced by 3,500 tons in the weight of the packaging (which is the equivalent to manufacturing 17.4 million XL T-shirts). 
  • Thanks to the improvements introduced in the production packaging, re-circulating and cleaning systems, water consumption has been reduced by nearly 230 million litres over the last 10 years. This saving would be equivalent to the consumption of 92 people, or to the consumption of all the inhabitants of Galicia during 33 days.
  • The reduction in the weight of the cardboard boxes has meant that the consumption of cardboard has been reduced by over 100,000 kilos, which is the equivalent of having saved 549 trees from being felled. On the other hand, the re-use of the pre-shaped holders have managed to reduce the use of cardboard of 128 tons a year (which is the equivalent of avoiding the felling of 5,109 trees over 8 years and the emission to the atmosphere of 919 tons of CO2).
  • Thanks to the introduction in the market of the “cap meter” (containers used to collect the caps from the glass bottles for their subsequent recycling), 2 tons of aluminium have been recovered (for their subsequent recycling), which is the equivalent of manufacturing around 136,850 drink cans.
  • The reduction in the use of ink on the labels for the PET containers has led to 7,050 fewer kg/year of solvent being used (this amount is equivalent to the emissions of a commercial plane flying 3,100 kilometres, or the emissions of a lorry travelling 33,400 kilometres, or the absorption potential of that CO2 by 83 trees).
  • Thanks to fostering the use of large capacity containers, as a means to reduce the amount of containers on the market, the weight of the packaging has been reduced by 1,710 tons, which is equivalent to the amount of waste generated per year by 1,543 households in any rural zone of Galicia. 
  • The introduction of a new glass bottle and 18 bottle box has meant that the capacity per box of this  new 750 cl format has increased by 12.5% (50% more containers per box), which increases the efficiency considerably throughout the chain: Storage, transport, and distribution, which means space saving for the catering industry. Special mention should be made of the reduction of CO2 emission per litre thanks to the way of transporting and distributing this new format.

In short, and thanks to the measures implemented during recent years, Aguas de Mondariz has managed to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in sufficient amounts to enable CO2 emissions to be slashed by 18.9 tons. 

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Sustainability Report 2011

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