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1. Drinking one or two glasses of mineral water when you get up in the morning helps to improve hydration of your body and cleanse it.

2. 1.The normal daily recommended water consumption is two litres per day.

3. Drinking mineral water at meal time stimulates taste buds and we therefore are able to appreciate all subtleties in dishes and wines.

4. Water drunk during meals should not be chilled since it reduces stomach temperature and prolongs digestion.

5. Mineral water should never be served with ice because it alters the composition of the original water. To avoid the above, moderately cool the bottles to about 17 degrees centigrade before serving. It will otherwise not be possible to appreciate the authentic taste of the water.

6. The ideal temperature for serving sparkling mineral water is 4 degrees centigrade.

7. Never fill original mineral water recipients with products other than original mineral water.

8. Rinse recipient before serving water, especially after removing it from a hot dishwasher.

9. Bottled water should be served in tall and narrow glasses with a wide base.

10. Never accept any recipient without a label or any that has not been opened in your presence.


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