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The catchment, conduits and reservoirs have been designed and built with top quality materials that guarantee proper preservation of the natural properties of water.

The catchment characteristics and conditions directly influence quality (taste, odour and aspect) of water that is extracted. Therefore, isolating the surface boreholes is quite important for maintaining constant water composition throughout the seasons of the year. This is the manner in which we can achieve stability in all senses:

   - Taste is constant since the same composition is present throughout the year.

   - Undesired flavours coming from surface soil layers are thus eliminated.

   - The deeper springs contain very old waters and consequently have a high degree of natural filtration that provides a greater water transparency.

   - We get waters with a high mineral content.

Water extraction tasks are carried out in a controlled manner to avoid deterioration of water quality and/or its characteristics. To that end, previous information on the spring’s natural flow, piezometric sounding and automatic extraction and control systems are obtained to guarantee sustainable exploitation.

The establishment of a protection perimeter guarantees control of activities in the vicinity of the springs because activities that may lead to alteration of water characteristics are evaluated and controlled.

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