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History of Mondariz

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History of Mondariz

The history of Mondariz revolves around the exploitation of its minero-medicinal waters. There are documents that relate Mondariz with the ancient Roman village of Búrbida and indicate that the ancient inhabitants of Sobroso Castle were well aware of the existence of these waters and used them in installations that were destroyed during the Battle of Uclés (12th century).

The resurgence of these waters (in the 19th century) is chiefly due to Mr. Domingo Blanco Lage, a physician from Mondariz who observed that his patients from the village cured their skin ailments by using these waters. He then used the waters for therapeutic purposes in his professional career.

The years of great splendour however arrived through the intervention of Mr. Enrique Peinador Vela and his family. These waters obtained the category of water for public use in the year 1873 and this mineral water has been bottled ever since 1877 (the plant was then situated in a separate building next to the spring).

For many years, our activity has been carried out in parallel to that of the Spa called Balneario de MONDARIZ, which is the most modern Spa therapy centre of Galicia, and is located in the Tea (river) valley.

Over time, important personalities from the last century such as Isaac Peral and Echegaray, Arniches, Primo de Rivera, Castelao, W. Fernández Flórez, Castelar, etc. enjoyed the therapeutic beneficial effects of the waters from Mondariz.

"This is not a Spa: it is a Water Palace" said the Nobel Prize winner José de Echegaray when he discovered the salubrious effects of the waters of Mondariz.


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