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Natural mineral waters are unique underground waters that are differentiated from the rest of the waters because they are pure at origin and have a constant composition. Its mineral composition remains unchanged and depends on the type of rock through which it seeps, the residence time underground and the aquifer temperature.

Mineral water is obtained from natural springs and is characterised by its original purity from chemical and microbiological points of views. The underground origin confers minerals, trace elements and other components that have a beneficial effect on the human body and furthermore guarantees a chemical pollution-free source of water.

Mineral water obtained from underground sources is bacteriologically safe, has a characteristic mineral salt content, and a singular purity preserved over time that produces certain beneficial effects on the human body.

When talking about natural mineral water, we not only refer to the water containing salt and mineral but also to the natural properties that are associated with the source from which it is obtained.

This is a type of water that contains dissolved minerals that have been taken on during its seepage through the ground.


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