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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

responsabilidad social y corporativa mondarizAguas de Mondariz is a company committed to people and to the environment. It therefore collaborates in many projects and social initiatives that contribute to social, economic and environmental development of the surrounding environment.

The natural origin of the water and its health benefits are fundamental pillars of the relationship between Mondariz and society. The company has since many years been collaborating in a wide range of sports activities such as basketball, cycling, golf, sailing, marathon, football, canoeing, etc. One of its priorities in this field is the promotion of basic sport in infancy through aid provided to sports schools, in order to contribute to educating youth in values and benefits of sports.

The provision of resources to the most needy is yet another of its social actions. Aguas de Mondariz cooperates with NGOs (Intermón Oxfam), shelter homes (Casa Hogar Betania) associations of the handicapped (Association for the Deaf and Intellectually Handicapped People), fight against drug addiction (Asociación Alborada de lucha contra la droga), etc.

Participation in cultural projects is yet another facet of social policy at Aguas de Mondariz. The company, amongst other initiatives, provides a Painting Scholarship to the Mondariz Balneario Foundation and also collaborates with the Cultural Castromao Association.


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