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Basic figures

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Basic figures

basic figuresBusiness turnover. In 2008, the turnover of Aguas de Mondariz surpassed 20 million Euros between national and international markets and sales to related undertakings. It is currently the sector leader in the NW of Spain and is amongst the first positions in the national ranking.

Production. Production. Each year, Aguas de Mondariz bottles 98 million litres of mineral water, which is marketed throughout the world in 140 million bottles.

Employment. Aguas de Mondariz has an average permanent staff of 112 people. Due to the seasonal nature of the sector, direct staff numbers oscillate according to the season of the year and can reach up to 160 employees during the summer months. More than 85% of the workers are from Mondariz and Mondariz-Balneario municipalities, in line with the company’s commitment since the beginning to employ people from the surrounding area.

The company furthermore generates more than 200 indirect jobs.


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