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Hydration and sports

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Consumption of drinks with an adequate mineral content (electrolytes) is recommended when performing physical activity, especially sports activities. Prior to exercising, one should drink 500ml or an amount equivalent to the weight loss foreseen from training. During exercise, one should ingest between 500 and 1200ml per hour, i.e., drink 150-200ml every 20 minutes, depending on ambient temperature, humidity and type of activity. After exercise, the amount of liquid ingested should approximate 150% of the body weight lost. This ensures better distribution of nutrients, regeneration of muscular tissues and burning of fats for recovery after training or competition. Good hydration habits during training can lead to optimal performance during competition.

Drinks we ingest during sports activities must be kept at an adequate temperature. One should ingest drinks whose temperature lies between 10ºC and 20ºC, even though some sportspersons can tolerate chilled drinks (5ºC). Drinks must be good tasting to stimulate liquid ingestion, and provide between 6-8% of carbohydrates and salts.

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