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Water from Mondariz is beneficial for the skin

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The water from Mondariz is not only source of life and health, but also beauty. Moisturizing is essential for skin health and beauty, as the skin is one of the parts of the body in which the benefits of the water are better shown. A moisturized skin shows a soft, firm and flexible look.


Thermal and miner-medicinal water springs as those from Mondariz, created inside the earth and having all its mineral wealth, are the ones that can made therapeutic effects in people.


In the last years, properties from water have been incorporated into the new cosmetics and for this reason, using the miner-medicinal water from Mondariz, the Spa of Mondariz has designed a new line of cosmetics of vegetal and mineral origins based on the qualities of the centenary water of this municipality.


This line made up for twelve products, is made with miner-medicinal water from Mondariz, which has mineral salts and oligoelements such as zinc, copper, molybdenum and magnesium, among other components.


The presence of the miner-medicinal water in all formulas, favors skin protection against desiccation and dehydration, improves its protecting and restoring capacities and helps to decrease the more premature signals of ageing, through its recognized properties, highly moisturizing and skin restorers.


In its formulation the number of preservatives have been reduced in order to make the products more ecological and to contribute to environmental conservation.


All the line has been tested by a team specifically created for the occasion. The professionals from the Spa have examined every product for obtaining a ‘tailor made’ cosmetic line.


The cosmetic line of the Spa of Mondariz looks for a natural efficiency reflected in its richness in vegetal and biological actives. Only in this way the quality of these products that have in the water of Mondariz the most powerful active of beauty and pleasure, can be warranted.


This line of cosmetics works specially in the range of aromas and the effectiveness of its components in any of its three applications: in the bath line, in the body line and in the facial line.


All the line is a synonymous with purity and quality as well as having an exquisite presentation.

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    20.11.2012 14:25
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  • marisa
    18.10.2012 11:11
    Qué chulas las botellas!
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    12.08.2009 09:25
    Esto es cierto de forma genérica, pero no se debe aplicar en la práctica de manera generalizada. Hay que tener en cuenta que hay m...

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